If you’re looking for a pick-me-up, a moment of motivation, or just a good dose of feel-good content, then you’ll want to follow entrepreneur and content creator, Mpoomy Ledwaba. Founder of Wisdom & Wellness, Mpoomy and her family are no strangers to many South African families. With two adorable children and creative genes like no other, Mpoomy and her husband Brenden Praise are a faithful force to be reckoned with who are known for their down-to-earth and inspiring view on life. Just when we thought we couldn’t love her any more, Mpoomy installed Empira White Caesarstone into the family’s newly renovated kitchen! What a perfect opportunity to find out more about her and her home renovation…


Renovations are full on, especially when you’re planning on redoing most areas of your home. Ensuring that you make decisions that will ensure your home becomes timeless, functional, and of course an investment for future is critical and can be quite tricky to achieve as there are so many things to consider. Mpoomy and Brenden knew what their needs were and had a very clear vision of the finished look and feel.


Mpoomy’s kitchen island vision came to life using Empira White by Caesarstone.
Its crisp, fresh base and subtle marble veining offers a timeless feeling that suits both a classic and modern look.

“When we were looking for a home, the first thing we’d look at was how many people can we fit, and can their kids come too? My mom’s house was that home where everybody dropped off their kids for holidays, where everyone could come for Christmas. Our home was always full and warm. Having our own family home is a dream come true for us – to bring people together in our home and watch the most different people connect.”

Watch the FULL YouTube video below:

A day in the life of the Ledwaba household can only be described as…very busy! “Our kids love helping out in the kitchen so everybody is involved in the morning. It’s pretty clean during the day, but come suppertime we welcome another full moment. Without a formal dinner table, we knew we would be spending most of our time at the kitchen island, so this was an important element to get right. We love to gather around on our bar stools (and some on the island) to have a good and messy time.”



The overall look and feel of Mpoomy’s kitchen…is very clean and fresh. “We wanted to use white as much as possible to keep it light and make the space feel bigger. Our aim was to create a seamless combination of modern and farm-style. We loved the idea of a monochrome kitchen, but we also included elements of wood and colour in our appliances to break it up a bit.”

DID YOU KNOW? Mpoomy’s all-time favourite dish is:
DOMBOLO! “I love cooking dombolo (a traditional South African steamed bread) and oxtail and enjoying it with my family.”

The highs & lows of renovations…are real! “The most challenging thing to manage was the unexpected costs of items we didn’t realise would need changing, and also the continuously shifting timelines. My favourite moment was seeing every little piece come to together and working like a golden thread. There’s nothing like seeing a vision come to life and having your hard work pay off.”



We can’t resist finding out about your Caesarstone experience. What was it like? “We have had our Empira White Caesarstone for a few months now and there’s so much to mention. Firstly I love that I had such a beautiful selection to choose from. Virtually any style home can be achieved with their collection,” says Mpoomy.

“But mainly, I love how my Caesarstone is functional, durable, and easy to clean. With two toddlers spending lots of time around the island, a simple wipe down is all that’s needed to get it looking brand new again. I would definitely recommend that people spend a little bit more and invest in Caesarstone. The quality is exceptional. We don’t worry when our kids run around with their toys, make marks, and dirty the countertop. It would be ideal to have non-messy kids but that would take away from the fun of having a home. It’s great to know that we can still be free and have a functional and stunning countertop.”



On a more personal note…what does it take to remain such an inspiring influencer online? “I am all about authenticity and embracing a full life. From the spiritual aspects of my life, to the romance, the décor, home making, and everybody’s favourite – the family. Everybody loves to see a young family flourishing! We do it honestly and acknowledge the reality of it all.”

Any advice for working mums? “You can have it all – you’re just going to need some help so get comfortable with delegating! Also, don’t forget to be ‘you’ before all the wonderful roles you have been blessed with.”

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Thank you so much to Mpoomy and her family for welcoming us into their home and showing us their gorgeous Caesarstone kitchen. For the most wholesome and inspiring content follow Mpoomy online and experience her real life experiences on her YouTube channel!


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