Misha Levin is an award-winning South African content creator and sharer of things. Misha has curated a vibrant blog and social media presence filled with helpful tips and tricks, as well as sneak peaks into her life as a ‘mama of two, content creator, and all-round info sharer’. When it was time to renovate her mom’s kitchen, Misha knew that Caesarstone would feature in the revamped look. We loved catching up with this influencer on all things design, life, and of course, Caesarstone…


“My love for the creative process, art, and design was fostered early on and it never leaves you.
I’ve always been inspired by photography and beautiful things. I literally feel the dopamine hit when I see something beautiful.”

Misha and her creativity…

Living by the design motto of “creativity is whatever you determine it to be”, Misha has had a number of collaborations with a variety of brands. With L’Occitane, she designed a scarf for their Solidarity series; and with Exclusivity by Design, she designed a pendant named after her son, Carter.

It’s her most recent collaboration with Caesarstone that we’re excited about because Misha did a kitchen reno in her mom’s home using our Pure White. Pure White is a luxurious, ultra-fine grained, classic white surface that pairs well with modern kitchen designs such as this one. “I chose Pure White and it’s complemented the calming, white space beautifully. As the space was pretty small I needed to use white very strategically to create the illusion of both space and serenity,” says Misha.


It’s all in the detail.

When designing the look and feel of the kitchen, Misha knew that the first step was to create a moodboard. This way her design would be inspired, resulting in a cohesive kitchen. For Misha, it was important to maximise height, storage, and functionality in the small galley space. She did this by going with a light and bright colour palette to make the area feel spacious.

What also makes the planning stage easier, is working with brands who you can trust to provide quality products. “I’ve been a fan of Caesarstone for years and we have it in our current home too. I find the quality to be unbeatable; it doesn’t stain or leave marks and really helps pull the kitchen together from a design perspective,” says Misha. “I’m a hands-on, touchy-feely person and I loved that I could walk around the showroom exploring the options available – literally touching the slabs. This helped me make my colour choice and I am thrilled with the end result.”


 Down to business!

“Installing the Caesarstone countertops was an exciting day for me,” says Misha. “I’ve never been a part of the fabrication process so this was so interesting. I used New World Granite to template and install – they were amazing!” To design her mom’s kitchen, Misha considered the available space alongside her SMEG stove and Amazon tapware. “I have a tendency to resonate with more muted tones and natural textures that create a sense of calm. My style is easy-going and sometimes playful.” We can see the playful side with the pink and gold detail, which allowed Misha to achieve a “clean, warm, and inviting” kitchen.


Functional spaces

While it’s important for a kitchen to look good, it’s also crucial that the it is functional. Misha included key storage elements such as a large pull-out grocery cupboard and space above the oven to hang utensils. Another functional (and beautiful) feature is the kitchen countertop with a waterfall edge. Misha muses that this is her favourite part: “I love having a prep space that doubles up as a table or workspace.”

Misha’s home reno tips & tricks
1. Understand all the costs (and hidden costs) associated with your project so you can plan and budget accordingly. Aim to eliminate unnecessary stress and hiccups.
2. Find a builder who you connect with and who comes with solid references. This can make or break a project.
3. Spend on areas/items that add real value to your property. You can get creative in areas that won’t necessarily add as much value. For example, Misha focused her efforts on the kitchen and bathrooms as those are deal-breakers for prospective buyers.


Q&A with Misha
Misha Levin is an incredible content creator and we were excited to get to know her better as a creative…

Where do you find inspiration for your designs? I’ve learnt that pulling back, disconnecting, and travelling is a great source of inspiration. It definitely helps get me creative juices flowing.

Where do you see your blog going in the future, and what’s next for Misha Levin? My digital channels have always been an organic, creative outlet for me. I started out focused on brands and marketing. Now, I’m loving the blog as a space for me and all of the things I love. I’d love to grow my platform and get involved in more home design and decor projects. My dream would be to host a home design/decor TV/YouTube show.

What is the main piece of advice you find yourself dishing out to fellow working moms? My first piece of advice is there’s no such thing as having it all. I believe that’s a fallacy that sets women up for failure and does nothing for one’s self-esteem. So many women pretend they’re doing it all on their own without giving credit to the people behind the scenes, which makes other women feel incompetent.




Misha’s top design wishes…
What is the most rewarding aspect of your job as a content creator? I love the creative freedom and diversity of clients. It’s a rewarding process to successfully deliver on a brief. My true joy however comes through in my organic content.

If you had unlimited resources, what would you create? Who would you collaborate with? I’d design and build my dream home. I’d work with Mark Bullivant from an architectural standpoint and bring the Three Birds Renovations team into the fold to help me bring it to life. It’ll be at the coast somewhere with a state-of-the-art hot-house incorporated into the home, a play-room in the attic for my sons, and a kitchen/living/entertaining space that encourages togetherness.

For those passionate about design or wanting to renovate soon, who would be your top ‘Instagram influencers’ to follow for inspiration? I think Three Birds Renovations are top of my list because their projects are relatable. It’s amazing what a little imagination can do to transform a space.

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